Par Train Podcast Episode #17: Meet Mike Johnson – Being on Tour with Your Boys

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Ev and Stratt sat down with Mike Johnson on the Tour and boy are you in for a treat. Check the highlights below:

Show Highlights:

-How Tour Pro’s pick up girls (Using their caddies)
-Jason Dufner is one of the biggest shit talkers of all time. Duf stories.
-How did Justin Thomas manage to lift the Wanamaker Trophy at 140 pounds?
-Smylie’s Natty Keggerator
-Dufner’s pre round secret
-Top 5 guys you’d want on your private jet after winning the Masters
-“Where most of the golfers just drink and gamble.”
-Did Steph shoot a pair of 74’s with his mouthguard in or without?
-Is Ollie Schniederjans hair real? If not, who’s his wig guy?”
-What was the response inside the ropes about Steph playing in a event?
-Plans for celebrating the PGA Champ with JT
-Number of beers to fill up the Wanamaker Trophy
-Favorite beers in the group.
-A bigger duf is a better duf? “Duf would probably agree.”
-Mike’s dream sponsor
-What you say to your caddie at the range after a blow up round
-What separates the guys who make it on tour and who don’t?
-Our invite to Smylie’s wedding


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