Par Train Podcast Episode #23: 9 Bold PGA Tour Predictions with World’s #1 Fortune Teller and his Crystal Ball.

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It’s easy to predict the 2018 PGA Tour season (Like Tiger shooting a 59) when you’re lucky enough to have the world’s #1 fortune teller (And his crystal ball) join the Par Train. Grab a glass, because your year’s about to start off with a bang.

Show Highlights:

-9 bold PGA Tour predictions for 2018 season
-3 things we WANT to see in 2018
-2017 stats you would’ve never guessed
-New Year reflections
-Why DJ is as intimidating as Tiger in his prime
-Why golf is the most high maintenance game ever
-Master Bachelor segment, celebrating the Bachelor Premiere (We pick 1 villain, 2 guys we love equally, and 1 guy who will fall apart drunk on Sunday at the Masters)
-Why Brandel’s take that DJ’s Kapalua drive being “Greatest shot ever hit in golf history” is dead wrong (Stratt blows a gasket)
-Things to expect from The Par Train crew in 2018
-And much more


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