Par Train Podcast Episode #25: ESPN’s Jason Sobel – Tiger Locker Room Talk

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Jason Sobel, Senior Golf Writer for ESPN, joins us again live from the West Orange Country Club locker room after winning our golf match earlier in the day. We pick the 4 major winners for 2018 and Sobel calls out one thing he needs to see from Tiger to confirm that he’s BACK.

More Highlights:
-Jason’s thoughts on our media passes being denied by the PGA Tour. #badboys
-Why 2018 could be the greatest golf season of all time and entering a “Golden Age”
-The one thing Jason wants to see from Tiger to prove that he’s officially back
-Tiger at Torrey
-What we need to look for to know Tiger’s ready to go (i.e. No long sleeves like the O linemen at Foxborough). Slight jog downhill #3 at Torrey South?
-Any secret nuggets from Tiger’s round with Obama?
-Who benefits the most from Tiger coming back?
-Picking major winners: Masters, Shinnecock, Carnoustie, Bellerive
-Sobel’s take on mic’d up caddies
-The Freak leaderboard. Rahm, DJ or Rory?
-When everyone is playing their A game, is DJ still the best?

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