Par Train Podcast Episode #30: Brandel Chamblee – The Greatest Masters of All Time is Here

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Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), the man that can put the golf world in a tizzy with a single tweet, hops on the Par Train and doesn’t hold back.

-Why this Masters will be the GOAT
-Tiger is not his favorite to win (And it’s not Phil, Rory, DJ or Spieth either)
-What it would take to throw David Duval into Rae’s Creek
-Darkhorse picks
-Hole by hole tips he learned from Jack Nicklaus on how to play and win at Augusta
-We gave Brandel a final chance to come clean and admit that DJ’s drive in Hawaii was not the greatest shot of all time
-Why Brandel LOVES when Patrick Reed wears red and black on Sundays
-Find out why Brandel goes against every idea we have to grow the game
-“The game of golf is a lot better off without golf bros.”
-And much more

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