The Par Train Podcast Episode #49: Masters Nuggets with Dottie Pepper

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CBS Sports’ Dottie Pepper hops on the train for her second time before she and the entire crew at CBS bring us a tradition unlike any other – the 2019 Masters.

-5 fun facts about the Masters you probably didn’t know
-Hear why the Masters is more stressful for the CBS Crew than any other event
-Why there is no such thing as “Former Masters Champions”
-Dottie promises to do something special if Tiger wins the 2019 Masters
-What Tiger has to do to contend in this year’s Masters
-Augusta National has changed from a second shot golf course to a tee shot golf course
-What needs to happen on Sunday for 2019 to be the greatest Masters ever?
-Why 2019 will be an “old guy’s Masters”
-What Dottie does on the 13th green every morning before the players tee off
-Dottie as a Caddie: Her advice for 3 key players
-Will past Masters Champions actually attend Patrick Reed’s dinner? Dottie’s answer may surprise you.
-And much more

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