The Par Train Podcast Episode #50: Chipping Away – The Tiger Effect

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If Tiger winning his 15th major isn’t enough for you, we invited a 4 year onto the show to tell you about how it made him feel like a kid again AND talked to a guy who’s child was born during Tiger’s win. What was the better moment? Listen to find out.

-We use a numbers guy to break down Tiger’s chances to break Jack’s record
-A HEATED “Best sports icon” debate
-Greatest comeback in sports history?
-Why Tiger’s win ruined a friend’s marriage
-A note from Tiger’s old caddie, Stevie Williams, about how Arnold Palmer’s passing brought on Tiger’s new “human side”
-The defining moment where you knew Tiger would win
-A cameo from our favorite 4 year old talking about how Tiger winning made him feel like a kid again.
-Why Francesco Molinari would’ve been chased down like Shooter in the end of Happy Gilmore
-What happens next: Tiger wins another major or Tiger gets back to World #1
-Will #15 be more exciting than #19 if Tiger breaks Jack’s record?
-And SO much more

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