Par Train Hosts


Evan Singer

Longer than  with a pigskin. Made hole-in-one with an asterisk. Doubled the road hole. Top 40 guy. Golf bar owner. Midwest charm.

Instagram: @esinger7
Twitter: @thepartrain
Handicap: 5
Hometown: St. Louis
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Matt Cermak

“Cerm” or “Cerm Nation”, as a former college player, brings that player’s perspective to the Par Train. Short in stature and not exactly long off the tee – you should see this guy’s short game. A lover of golf history and good gin. The guy is a purist.

Twitter: @Matt_Cerms
Instagram: @mattcerms
Handicap: 1
Hometown: Chicago


Stratton Easter

Raised by a pack of wolves in blue blazers, Stratton’s fondness for the game of golf can be traced back to his early breakfasts of Scottish peat moss and tartan tree bark. Lover of brown liquors, hater of numbers, the only thing more impressive than his 300 yard stinger is his 305 yard knock down pitching wedge.

Instagram: @eastersm
Handicap: 5
Hometown: Los Angeles
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